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Legal age to move out in Nebraska?

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I am currently 17, will be graduating out of high school this December 21 and will be 18 in March. I want to MOVE OUT, I have been saving for the past year for an apartment or atleast to live with a friend. My friend's family said they wouldn't mind me living with them but my parents are STRICT and will not allow me to move out. Can I move out when I'm 18 in Nebraska, if so, under what circumstances? Also, If I can't in Nebraska, would I be able to go to Iowa, get an apartment over there and move out by myself..Or can they still do something about it?

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You have to be 19 or have a parent's permission to move out. I would talk to them more about it. Yes, Iowa the legal age is 18, but your not a resident of Iowa and I doubt moving their would count.

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You are a resident of Nebraska and moving to Iowa will not change that. The age of majority (adulthood) in Nebraska is 19. Without your parents' permission you cannot move out until then. Is your only reason for wanting to move out because they are strict, or is there a more serious underlying reason?

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Its a reason that i am not allowed to go anywhere except school home and work.i maintain a 4.0 gpa and they still dont allow me to go out ANYWHERE. We do not have a bond so everytime i talk theyre always yelling. To their culture, ur not allowed to move out u til you are married....and even if your 21, they wont allow you to do anything....ive had it and ive looked into gettin emancipated because the situation at home has been getting ridiculous.... but i know if i tell them this, they will scream at me even more.... i never felt like i was a part of the family....