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Legal action against a state child support agency?

Fairfax, VA |

I submitted a Request for Review & Adjustment in VA to get support amount lowered. This is my first request in 8 years. It's been 7 months since I submitted my request via DCSE (Division of Child Support Enforcement here in VA) and they were to forward it to the District of Columbia (where the case originated & where my Ex & minor child still reside). As of last Friday, SEVEN MONTHS since I filed &, no one will give me an answer as to the status of my request & the District of Columbia Division of Child Support Enforcement said that they have no record of the request having been submitted/forwarded to them by VA DCSE.

If I wanted to file to have them answer to a judge as to why nothing has been done, what exactly would I file? Several judges have told me to get the amount lowered.

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DCSE is an administrative agency that provides free attorneys to assist parents in the establishment and collection of child support. I don't see where you have any action against DCSE or the attorneys. Paperwork gets lost. It would be difficult to show they lost it on purpose.

As for your filings, you may file the petitions on your own, or you can hire an attorney to represent you. Contact a private attorney who handles child support cases.

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Thank you very much for the quick response. I really just want to get an answer as to the status of of my request. I had a Show Cause Hearing today and, again, the judge asked me why I did not file to get the amounts lowered and I could only answer that I did, but no one can/will tell me what the status is, despite repeated attempts. I would think that an administrative agency that has the power to suggest I be jailed, would also be able to be on the receiving end of questioning from a judge as to why they are allowed to remain dormant in looking into this matter. Can, I file anything to force DCSE to show proof of WHEN they submitted it? It's a question they refuse to answer, though they respond to any other question I have. I'm not attempting to be overly difficult. I'm aware that this is a problem that I brought upon myself. The original amounted I was ordered to pay was based on a time when the minor child was in daycare in an expensive city. She's now in public school and has been for the past 6 years and I merely filed to have the amount I'm paying reflect the fact that daycare costs are no longer a factor.

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