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Left turn crossing a double-solid yellow line, legal or not?

Atco, NJ |
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I was in a car accident where someone hit me from the back. I was completely stopped, trying to make a left hand turn. I was surprised to find out that I reveived a ticket for improper left turn. The line in the middle of the road is a double-solid yellow line, but I still don't understand why I was ticketed. There are alot of homes and business on this road (White Horse Pike in Atco, NJ) and if anyone wants to get somewhere, they would sometimes have to make a left. This is a 3pt ticket, I plan on pleding not guilty, because I think 99% of people don't know this is not allowed, or is it??


Yes, the other driver was cited for careless driving and other multiple tickets, but I am not sure what they were for. The accident wasn't witnessed by the officer, but was by another person. I did tell the officer that I was trying to make a left, but I really didn't know it was not allowed. I did do some research on this and I did find out that it is not illegal to make a left over a solid double line. The lines are for passing purposes only and if turns are not allowed, it must be posted. My Aunt happens to knows the some officers, one of them said the ticket should not have been issued and he was going to take care of it. Thanks for your information

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Hi Lisa:

It seems to me that whether it is legal or illegal to turn on a double-yellow line (perhaps debatable) is moot. You never turned! I don't see how you can be cited for an improper turn that never took place. I am actually quite familiar with the Atco area as I lived in Winslow for many years. I have some questions to ask you. Was the other driver cited? Was this incident witnessed by an officer? Did you or the other driver make any admissions? Depending on your answers there may be another way out. Frequently tickets in accident cases where both drivers are cited can be dismissed if there are no other witnesses. You are both defendants each with a fifth amendment privilege not to testify. If neither of your testifies, both tickets could be dismissed. It doesn't jeopardize your civil case (your damages) since you were rear-ended.

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I forgot to mention.....please feel free to contact my office. Would be happy to assist.

Be Safe!

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Thank you for your email.

You have multiple issues that require attention.

First, the municipal court action-- you have a valid defense on the ticket. It is not per se improper to attempt to make a left turn under the facts you described.

Second, the civil suit for injuires (if you were in fact damaged in some manner)-- you have a civil suit that can be potentially affected by the above and legal counsel is recommended. You have rights to preserve.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss your potential matter in greater detail.

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The answer of Mr. Futerfas could not have been better stated.

While I certainly respect the second officer's statement that the ticket 'would be taken care of...', it is the issuing officer who decides whether to allow the ticket to be taken care of by dismissal, not some other officer.

If the matter is still pending, I suggest you meet with an exp[erienced defense lawyer in NJ to discuss the entire matter.

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