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Leaving the country

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if you are leaving the country and they stop you at the border and check your bag and find you have two names you carry but and they detain you to find out who you are after you tell them you need to talk to lawyer and they tell you ,you dont get a laywer this is immigration and throw you clothes on ground and try to say you was answering the question and try to fight you what to do and you have a wife and you been together 8 yrs marriage you was leaving us. what to do

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More information is needed. Usually, the U.S. Government inspects when a person is entering the U.S., rather than leaving. Were you inspected by the U.S. Government?

Assuming that you were inspected by I.C.E. or the C.B.P., then the official is correct, you usually have no right to an attorney. How this investigation took place and whether this was a lawful action.

At times, an attorney is allowed to observe the process. However, this is where care is undertaken and the attorney is helping to reasonable clarify a situation, not obstructing review. Often, in these situations, it is impossible to get legal assistance. What, if anything, did you receive from the D.H.S. Officials, as a result?

If you received what is called a Form I-275, then this should be carefully reviewed by an candid, experienced, thorough and unbiased immigration attorney. A teleconference in a situation like this may take considerable time to review and discuss to your satisfaction.

The above is general information and does not create an attorney client relationship.


It is advisable to retain an immigration lawyer and discuss your case in private.
It will be of more benefit to you.

Inspeection normally take place when one is leaving the country as opposed to entering.
If you are entitled to apply for immigration benefit the lawyer can tell you that, if not he or she can explain your options.

You are welcome to use the link provided belwo.


buddy, you need to calm down. why don't you mail one of the id's to home and saveyourself some problems. go see adan vega or bruce coane from houston. both are immigration specialists who can allay your fears.

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