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Leaving home at 17

Lacona, NY |

my mother and father are both mentally abusive(tell me ill amount to nothing, call me a slut, and a scumbag, and tell me they think its funny to see me hurt) I have a job, and have very good grades in school. I have an older woman who agrees to take me in and feed me and help me out etc. I want information on how I can legally leave my home and stay with her (shes 3 miles away) even if i have to check in with them from time to time. I plan on going to college, and staying in school as its needed in todays society.

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  1. Are your parents consenting to this placement and why is this woman willing to do this? Have you spoken to your guidance counselor at school. This is a bit complex since you are a minor. You can file for emancipation but this would be difficult. Sit down with an attorney to discuss all your options

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  2. The short answer is that you can emancipate yourself. You can also report what is going on the the Department of Social Services who may be able to help you get out of the house. If you do leave because of abuse, you can bring on a petition in Family Court for support as your parents have a duty to support you until 21.

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