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Leave Washington with warrants OR stay and get things straightened out ?

Renton, WA |

I have - 1996 chg - DWSL 3; 2 Qty – 2006 theft charges stealing book from store - $50 ( store detective no longer working at store ) and 1 Qty assault 4 charge - fist fight with guy in self defense ( guy hit me in head with pipe - guy has since left the state.) I never answered to these charges and warrants were issued - I have lived in Washfor 20 years. I recently got arrested at traffic stop for these warrants and spent a couple weeks in jail . I got bailed out at midnight on Saturday, couldnt sleep sunday and slept through my 1st court date Monday. I called the court immediately to schedule a recall hearing for the warrant when I woke up. Im scared to go back to jail - What do I do – risk a year in jail with this stuff given my latest screw up OR just leave Wash leave the statefor good

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Don't wig out. Make your appearance with counsel and it can all be worked out.


Just because you may leave Washington does not mean the warrants will not be executed on you. If you are caught in another state, you could be subject to extradition. This is not likely for misdemeanor charges. It seems a better idea to address the charges and put them behind you. In addition, due to the lengeth of time since you were charges, it may be difficult for the state to find the necessary witnesses to prove their case. You should hire a criminal defense attorney to look at these charges and advise you.

The answer provided here does not create an attorney-client relationship. This answer is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for retaining an attorney who can investigate and analyze all the material facts of your situation.

David Brent Cox

David Brent Cox


Call Mr. Oliver!


There have already been enough poor choices made. Leaving WA will be the coup de grace. It will eventually catch up with you--when you least expect it and when you are totally unprepared for it. You will then likely have plenty of quite time to reflect on haw royally you screwed up your life. Get a good attorney to assist you in resolving all outstanding criminal matters.


You're probably not going to jail. I just represented a client with a 25 year old felony, which we resolved with a simple misdemeanor and a few hundred dollar fine. Your problems are so fixable. Call my office for a free consult. We can point you in the right direction!


If you actually go to your court dates and meet with your attorney, you'll likely find that these are easier to resolve than you think. You have jail credit now, which is good. Leaving will bring you no piece of mind. Just take care of it.


I know that in Grant County if you turn yourself in on warrants there, the judge usually releases you the next day on your own recognizance because by turning yourself in you've proven you're not a flight risk. If you posted bail and then warranted again, I'm sure a bail bondsman is currently looking for you! At any rate, if what you say is true and correct, that there are no victim/witnesses around to testify, then your attorney will simply set these for a bench trial and get them dismissed when no one shows up at trial. I agree with all of the advice above: stay in this state and take care of business.

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