Lease states I lose deposit & must pay 2 mo. rent if I leave apt. before lease ends. I lost my job. Is there any way out of it?

Asked over 1 year ago - Memphis, TN

The lease mentions that the penalty doesn't apply if someone is in the military and must provide transfer orders. My rent equals the total amount I will receive in unemployment each month. I still need to be able to pay for food, a car payment, car insurance, etc. Is it legal for them to be able to enforce this? I'm not leaving the apartment out of choice. I have no other option. I am moving in with family to be able to survive.

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    Answered . Sure, speak with the landlord or manager and explain the situation, if possible get a new renter in there in your place, offer to pay for advertising until an new renter is brought in. If they will not agree though the contract should be checked by a local landlord/tenants rights attorney to see if it is valid.

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  2. Answered . Mr. Tucker is correct. The landlord will be more likely to accommodate you if there is anther renter readily available. Help him find someone else. Unless there is a sublease limitation, you could rent the property to someone else and pay him the rent they pay you. Good Luck!

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