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Lawyers going to be late to my 1st court date

Atlanta, GA |
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He's days I don't nerd to be there and I'm with out away but I'm worried something's going to happen to me if he's late

Please answer this he's says I don't need to be at my court date and this is what I payed him for but I'm scared I will get into trouble if he's late please help

Attorney Answers 2

  1. If your attorney is likely to be late, he should have already submitted a conflict letter to the court letting them know he would not be at court when the proceedings begin on your court date. Depending on what the court date is for, and the particular court (because different courts have their own procedures, and specific judges), you may actually be able to stay away from court; if this is for your arraignment, some courts may allow a waiver, but the attorney may still have to appear to waive it, rather than just filing a waiver of arraignment document (this is just a guess for your situation). If you feel more comfortable showing up, even if you possibly have to get someone to drive you there, it's better to do that to protect yourself, regardless of what your attorney does, because then you won't be punished by the court. I strongly advise that you speak with your attorney to find out specifically everything that is going on; you may not have to worry, but it's better to go ahead and check. Good luck.

  2. You can waste your time and appear but you should just go to work. One of the jobs good attorneys perform is SAVING your valuable time. Many court appearances are mere calendaring events and no substantive work is done.

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