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Lawyer won't talk or see me?

Steele, AL |

I've had this lawyer since 1 year ago, from my car accident, but refuses to see me about questions I have or what he is going to do on this case. Every time I call it's been paralegal or secretary. Just realized that hey I haven't even talked to my attorney. I've had surgeries on my neck so far from the car accident and haven't yet spoken with him. Should I fire this attorney or how do I go about seeing my attorney? Paralegal said I could drive all the way to where he is and then he will speak to me. I have no money, considering no job from accident, and I told the paralegal that and he said then we will schedule a phone consultation even if it's been over a yr? Never had an attorney so don't know if this is right? So can someone please help me to understand. Ty

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You should contact the attorney IN WRITING. You need documentation to prove that you have made contact. Then if still not response contact your state's attorney disciplinary agency. They will want your written proof. They should contact the attorney, and then problem should be resolved. Good Luck.


I return all my clients calls and I would expect the same from any attorney!

You should consult an attorney in your State at once.


Ditto to the prior answers. There may be times that your attorney can't speak with you right away, but your calls should be returned within a reasonable period of time.

This response does not create an attorney-client relationship. Unless you are already a client of the Law Office of Sidney Weinstein, pursuant to an executed fee agreement, you should not use, interpret, or rely on this response as legal advice or opinion. Do not act on any information in this response without seeking legal advice. Sidney Weinstein,, (404) 522-3108.


You have the absolute right to be happy with your attorney, and their service. If you are not happy, they may not be the attorney for you. I would at least speak to another attorney personally and see if they can offer you service that is acceptable to you. If you find another attorney you are happy with, you can always change attorneys. Don't be stuck with someone who will not communicate with you. It's your claim, not theirs.

licensed attorney in Montana. Your specific state laws may be different.


There is no answer we could give you that would explain or justify why a client would be neglected. It is unethical and the quickest way to get your ticket punched so to speak. It sounds like you have a serious case and regardless of the outcome need to be confident in who is telling you what. Good luck.

I am an Arizona attorney. AVVO does not pay us for our responses. Simply because I responded to your question does not mean I am your attorney. In Arizona a non-lawyer is held to the same standards as an attorney so there are dangers to representing yourself. This is for informational purposes only. If you require legal assistance an in depth discussion of your case is needed as there are many other issues to consider such as defenses, statute of limitations, etc.

Gary A Kester

Gary A Kester


Send a letter to him/her as the other asteemed attorneys have stated.

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