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Lawyer never told me med pay had to be paid back till I settled I asked how much that medicare was to be paid back

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  1. The MedPay coverage portion of certain automobile insurance polices contain reimbursement provisions. There may be different provisions in each automobile insurance policy. MediCare has a lien on cases where there is MedPay and/or recovery from a third-party. The amounts which must be reimbursed to automobile insurance carriers and to MediCare are subject to reduction. Talk to your lawyer.

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  3. Apparently, you have settled your case and it's too late to do anything besides which you have not asked a question.

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  4. Med pay is contractual and is paid out if settlement, while Meducaid and Medicare are liens. Different rules talk to your lawyer.

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  5. If your case has settled, you should work with your lawyer to reduce any med pay or Medicare liens. Keep in mind that you had to repay these liens whether your lawyer told you about these liens or not.

  6. Technically Medpay, Medicare and Medicaid are subrogation interests. All have provided payment to your providers and want to be paid back whatever they have paid. All three are generally subject to the common fund doctrine which requires a 1/3 reduction in their interest to pay for attorney's fees. Medicare has their own reduction formula but it usually works out to more than a third because they take their pro rata share of costs.

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