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Lawyer had case for an entire year then decided not to represent me, leaving no time to find another lawyer.

Lehigh Valley, PA |

I hired an attorney for medical malpractice. I have a severe life altering permanent medical injury & will need medical care the rest of my life with extreme costs.The 1st lawyer for medical malpractice scrambled at the last minute,couldn't find witness, 2yrs. were up.I was advised to hire another lawyer for legal malpractice. I did this & lawyer said they'd help me. Almost a year to the date of signing with the firm,I received a letter stating my file was closed (just out of the blue), leaving me no time to find another lawyer.I believe the lawyer may have sat on case for the year, they would not talk to me about it. I need assistance and because of this I have no time left in my state due to the 2 yr. period for filing. Can I do anything, my medical condition continues to worsen?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. By "your state" you mean PA. Correct? I'm also understanding no civil complaint has been filed by either lawyer/law firm. Is that likewise correct?

  2. It is unclear to me which two year time period you are speaking of as having run. You also have two years from the time you knew or should have known of lawyer negligence within which you must pursue a legal malpractice action. If that two year period has run you are likely out of time.

  3. If no complaints were served before the statute was up you are most likely out if luck here. You do have the right to report them to the bar for missing the statute dates. Or sue the legal all practice attorney for legal malpractice,

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