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Lawyer doesnt return my calls or is never in and does not update me on the case.

Hammond, IN |

I hired a lawyer 6/11/09 for a child support issue. She doesnt update me on the case and does not return my calls and when I have stopped by is never in. She was available for the first meeting when she received her retainer. The only time I have aquired any information is when i have gone in to her office and talked to her secretary which is now on maternity leave..and supposedly the other girl doesnt have any information on my case. I contacted the court to see if there was a court date set since I cant get a hold of my lawyer and they told me that the filing was rejected due to the fact it was filed incorreclty.

I don't know what I can do about this. Please help.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Give your attorney one last chance. Call the attorney and let him/her know that if he/she does not respond with in a few days, you will hire a different attorney.
    If this does not get his/her attention, you should ask for the unused portion of your retainer and hire another attorney.