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Late 2012 i complained to my employer that i was discriminated, then i got fired on false accusations what should i do

Tacoma, WA |

no one has listening or gotten my side of story.A week before firing i was adviced to resume work by the human resource against my doctors order. Then my employer called and terminated me on phone

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You may have a retaliation claim. It's really hard to tell from your question. You'll need to provide more details. Feel free to email me privately.
-Alex J. Higgins

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I agree with Alex. Sometimes it is hard to provide all of the relevant information when you don't understand the basic legal issues at play. However, it is one thing to provide a doctor's note to your supervisor, and it is another to properly and timely request FMLA leave in accordance with the rules, or medical leave in accordance with your company policy. Also, not all employers are subject to Federal rules, and this will depend upon the size of your employer. Additionally, while the employee often sees this as a matter of "disability" discrimination, being out for a week or two with a specific condition is not the same has having or being seen as having a disability. Being fired on "false accusations" may not be the real issue, either. The question is: was there a workplace investigation? What triggered it? How did you respond? Finally, what is it that you really want? To tell your side of the story? To get your job back? To qualify for unemployment? To win a big pot of money with a lawsuit? You should refine your information and your goals and then see if an attorney believes you have a claim, and is willing to help you meet your goals. Good luck!

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