Las Vegas , Nevada. I filed chapter 7. the bank failed to file a title with their name on it. I have a title with a Lien on it f

Las Vegas , Nevada. I filed chapter 7. the bank failed to file a title with their name on it. I have a title with a Lien on it from HO.A. (I will be satisfying this). The original title is still on file in the recorders office with my name on it from when originally purchased the home in 2005 , without a Lien holder (bank). and it is clear except for the H.O.A. having a lien on it. The title co. the bank used when I refinanced ... is not longer in existence and they are unable to foreclose or sell the home...... or show title since refinance in 2006 due to the title company being non existant and paper work lost. Do I still own the home????...there are no laws in NV pertaining to this! Can I move back in a reposes the home even though it was giving up in chapter 7 to the bank? and the original title still stands with no bank on it free and clear( except for lien from h.o.a.) ...the bank has been currently paying the taxes for the last 2 years...but has not paid the H.O.A's. which bills are still coming in my name and delinquent for !!!!!

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Geoffrey Marc Khotim

Geoffrey Marc Khotim

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorney - Scottsdale, AZ

I don't understand your question. Perhaps re-word it so I know what is going on. Thanks.

James Portman Webster

James Portman Webster

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Mesa, AZ

It is very rare that a situation does not have a rule that does not apply to it. It may not properly address the issue. But there will be a law that address your situation.

Your question is disjointed and you go from first person to saying you are asking for someone else.

I don't mind trying to decipher your question, but this is almost impossible.

If there is not lien, then bankruptcy would prevent the lender from putting a lien on the home for pre-bankruptcy debt. There might be issues of fraud on your side, but that is a different question.

I would have to see paperwork to fully understand - how this would work in Arizona. The rules will be similar but they are different.

Go see an attorney. If you have this much money on the line, an internet query is not enough.

Good luck.

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