Landlords duty to mitigate damages

We broke our lease due to unexpected medical expenses. The house has been listed for sale and rent for 44 days, had 40 showings (mostly rentals) and had 6 application (that we know of). 3 application have been turned down and 3 are a mystery. We've been told they've been pending for 9 days. . . hmm. . . yeah, right. We believe the owner is trying to hold out to sell on our dime. His desire to sell, the mystery of the applications, him not addressing our inquiries, and the fact that he listed the house for $300 more per month ( therefore "Significantly altering the rental terms in a way that makes the unit more difficult to rent ") leads us to feel he is not doing his due diligence to mitigate. Does this sound right or are we off. (the market and comparables due not support the $300 hike)

Millersville, MD -

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Thomas C Valkenet

Thomas C Valkenet

Litigation Lawyer - Baltimore, MD

Just an observation-- I've read at least four questions on the same topic, all from Millersville, MD. I am positive it is the same person asking about the same situation. All of the questions are framed differently enough to produce conflicting answers. None of the questionss have all the facts. You are doing yourself a disservice, and you are getting muddied advice.

Daniel Robert Hamad

Daniel Robert Hamad

Real Estate Attorney - New Haven, CT

It sounds like you need to talk to a local real estate attorney. This has too many moving parts for a simple web answer.

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