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Landlord threatening and abusing in houston texas

Houston, TX |

i am on a small project in houston texas for a month i am in town till june 30th, so i decided to rent a room inside a residence, the lanlord was nice on the first day she asked me to pay the rent in advance with a non refundable deposit so i went ahead and did,
2 days later after i did a 20 hour shift i return home and go to sleep, she starts knocking on my door, yelling cursing abusing, threatening me that she and her husband will throw me out of the house(her reason for all that i should wipe the tub which i didnt use),
she was adamant that i leave the house right then and there or she will throw me out with my belongings, what are my options ?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Chapter 92 of the Texas Property Code governs landlord - tenant relations. One of the obligations that a landlord owes to a tenant is the covenant of peaceable enjoyment. That means that the landlord should let you enjoy your rental premises. In your situation, where you rent a room, and presumably have rights to the bathroom and perhaps some kitchen privileges, your rights become more complicated.

    Like when you were living at home, your mother (or now your land lady) will expect that you will leave the areas of the house that you use clean and orderly. That is one of the big problems with renting a room -- the room comes with an owner who will police your cleanliness and tidiness.

    If you paid for a month and did not breach the lease (you kept your side of the bargain), the landlord should not violate your right to peaceable enjoyment. If the landlord does, the landlord has breached the lease. If the landlord has breached the lease, you may be entitled to damages, such as the cost of moving and a refund of the portion of the month's rent that you did not get to use.

    I suggest that you try to negotiate a resolution or pack your bags and find another place. If you explain to the land lady that you will have to sue her for breach of the lease and a refund of the rent and moving expenses (in a very professional and respectful tone of voice), you may be able to resolve the dispute.

    This land lady sounds like one that you should favor with favors like mowing the lawn or cleaning windows. If you can't or are unwilling to take that approach, look for another residence.

    Incidentally, you can review your rights as a tenant at the following web link:

    Texas Property Code Chapter 92 - Landlord - Tenant Residential Property


    Good luck.

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