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Landlord refuses to fix problems in rental unit. What can I do?

Caseville, MI |

The front door was broke. Heater not working properly, Floors is rotted and sinking in bathroom. Plumping will not work. Water will not drain in kitchen and bathroom. Feces is backing up in the shower. Landlord said she would have her nephew fix the problems. Now she says she is not responsible and we have to make all those repairs when it was like that when i moved in. We cannot even live there. But we still have to pay rent.

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A few options: You could stop paying rent altogether, wait for the landlord to file an eviction action, and then the judge your side of the story. The better way, however, would be to "escrow" your rent. Pay it into a neutral account (for example, your attorney's account). If your landlord attempts to evict you, you can tell the judge you are still paying the rent into escrow (much more credible, and the judge doesn't think you're a deadbeat and can't afford to pay). Or, if you truly can't live in the place, it may be considered a "constructive eviction". You may be able to move without any further rent responsibility, but this is risky -- if you ultimately lose, you will be required to pay the landlord. Good luck.

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