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Landlord gave me a 3 day eviction notice, how long do i have to move?

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we've been living at this house for 4 years, i did not renew my lease agreement after the 2nd year. my husband recently lost his job so we're 3 weeks late on the rent. my landlord gave us an eviction notice to vacate in 3 days, tomorrow will be the 3rd day. he came to our house today to tell us to leave in 3 days. how long do we have? since he is a cop my husband thinks that he can throw us out just like that. what should we do? i have 3 kids and it's not easy packing up and leaving.

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Unless you can reach an agreement with the landlord, you will want to start looking for a new place to live.

If you don't move on your own, the landlord can file suit in the justice court to have you evicted. You will be served with papers from the court (they may get left on your door) and a hearing will be held within 10 days. At the hearing, the court will likely award the landlord possession, and 5 days after the hearing, the landlord can ask the constable to come to move you out. You do not want to still be there when the constable comes, You won't get any warning, and they will have all of your belongings packed up and removed. It is not uncommon for things to be lost or broken in the process. Getting your stuff back will require that you pay the moving company, (they have a contract with the county to do this). The company charges exorbitant rates - it can be cheaper to buy new things than to get them back from the moving company.

Good luck.

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