Landlord bills for repairs but sends unlicensed friend. Is this legal?

Lease says every repair, replacement or service costs $80. I signed it. But landlord sends his buddy to fix everything. His buddy is one of those all-around-handy-types but only licensed in electrical. I get worried because things aren't really fixed but instead rigged. If they break again, do I owe another $80? Things are breaking every few wks, not due to me but due to age. When he said $80 I thought it would be a real repair person not a drink-beer-with-buddy who lives in same area. Things that broke: hot h2o, roof,

Belleville, MI -

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John J. Keenan

John J. Keenan

Landlord / Tenant Lawyer - Redford, MI

Is your lease for commercial space, or residential? If commercial, you may be stuck with this, but I would sure try insisting that your landlord send someone qualified to do the work.

However, if this is a residential lease, your landlord cannot legally charge you for repairs that were not caused by your conduct. You should advise him of this fact immediately. This is one instance where the fact that you signed the lease does not mean that this provision is enforceable. This is an unenforceable lease provision.

Best of luck to you,

John J. Keenan

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James P. Frederick

James P. Frederick

Probate Attorney - Livonia, MI

I agree with Mr. Keenan. This sounds outrageous. I guess it is a nice way to help your buddy pay for his beer. But it is not something you need to put up with. Landlord is responsible for repairs, unless you were responsible for the damages.

James Frederick

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