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Land listed on bankruptcy without my knowledge.

Gainesville, FL |

A relative who had a mortgage to go into my parents' estate, filed for bankruptcy and listed the said land and mortgage(that she had not paid the estate for) on her list for bankruptcy. She is done with her bankruptcy as of a year ago, I find out now. The estate has none of the money, is she off for having to pay the estate or does bankruptcy NOT excuse her? Did she have to tell the PR what was happening??

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Both bankruptcy and probate use the term "estate". Your question may be too complex for Avvo.

  2. You can call the bankruptcy trustee to see what she did with the property and the debt. That might be a start to see what happened.

  3. To have a debt discharged, the Debtor must give proper notice to the creditor. You need to consult with an experienced attorney who can review the file and look for improprieties. At the very least, the probate estate probably still has the right to foreclose.

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