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L1B to L2 and then L2 to H1B will the H1B clock since the COS from L2 to L1B or will it start from her initial L1B to L2

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My wife was on her L1B visa in US from 2009 till Aug 2012, then she changed her status from L1 to L2 from sep 2012 to oct-2013 and changed L2 to H1B since nov 2013 . How long can she stay in H1B visa in US?

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Both the time your wife spent in L-1B status (2009 to Aug 2012) and H-1B status (Nov 2013 to present) will count towards her 6 year maximum period of H-1B eligibility.

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I agree with Attorney Topoleski. The time spent in L1B status is combined with time spent in H1B status for a maximum of 6 years aggregate. To increase H1B status beyond 6 years, the employer should timely file a PERM application.

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