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KY. liquor importer to ship liquor in bulk to FL. baker but can't find license or permit restrictions, if any

Fort Lauderdale, FL |

FL. baker needs assurance of legal requirements to accept a direct bulk shipment of 80proof alcohol from the KY. importer. My offshore company that sells liquor cakes wants to start the process but needs to know if licensing is required for our FL. baker to use bulk alcohol in production of cakes for us. Many FL. bakers make rum cakes . thus there must be a legal provision for importation in bulk strictly for food production purposes.We need all relevant state and federal facts.

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Good question - Wrong forum. You have different requirements you will need to comply with as you have FL, KY, and somewhere off shore. I doubt any attorney will be licensed in KY, FL and able to give you facts that would answer your question. I had a client that rented space in a warehouse that was in foreclosure. He was court ordered to remove some liquor he was storing pending the resolution of another litigation. When he did the ATF and ABT arrested him for failure to pay taxes setting bail at over $2,000,000.00. Get a good local attorney who will do the research!

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As the other attorney advised, hire an attorney. While you may not find an attorney licensed in every state, many attorneys will have litigated in various jurisdictions (e.g., I am only licensed in Pennsylvania, however, I've litigated cases with local counsel in Minnesota, New York, Florida, California, Delaware, Puerto Rico and many other jurisdictions) and can offer you comprehensive legal analysis for relevant state and federal laws and regulations. You need to get legal counsel. Good luck! Feel free to reach out to me and if I cannot assist, I can help you find an attorney who can.

Answer given for general advice and is not a legal opinion, which would require an analysis of the facts and circumstances as well as the applicable law and regulations.

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