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Knowing someone is lying to get food stamps what should you do?

Fort Myers, FL |

Well I know for a fact my brother and sister inlaw are lying to get food stamps. They get $300 per month. I just applied and I got declined. I'm the only one working in my family. My husband stays at home with our 16 month old daughter and I'm getting ready to have another baby in 28 days. The food stamp office said even after I have my other child I'm still not approve for anything!! I can't understand it my sister in law and brother make the same or more then me and they have only one child. They most be lying what should I do. I hate to say I can't stand them they are always looking for a free ride and trying to screw someone over. Just like my brother-in-law made a comment about not claiming his unemployment on his taxes.

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Just report them to the fraud investigator at the local welfare department or WeTip at telephone 800-US-FRAUD if that is want you want to do.

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stop fuccin hating just cuz u got denied...i hate spiteful ass people...getta fuccin life...