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Juvenile immigrant being accused of sexual battery what are the consequences and the accused is only 14 years old

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One time inside the class he wanted to seat in the front row because he forgot his eye glasses so he went to sit and the teacher said to the other student that you could sit beside him and the girl say no I don't like and the teacher said OK write a statement why don't you like to sit besides him so the girl wrote down a statement along with some other girls there were five of them stating that he touches their butts sometimes and a few days my son was called to the office and for awhile he was been arrested without doing any foolish thing on that day , before that a few weeks ago he was called to the asst principals office because he was fooling around like in school for shooting rubber band so the school called me to sign a contract that my son will be given a chance

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  1. You need to contact one of the local AVVO criminal defense attorneys in your area immediately, and not let your son talk with anyone at the school or to the police before you hire an attorney. Any of the statements that he's making can be used against him in court. It is very important for you to contact one of the local AVVO criminal defense attorneys NOW. Good luck with this situation.

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  2. You should hire a criminal defense attorney and also consult with an immigration attorney in your area. If your son ends up pleading to any type of criminal charge it could end up affecting his immigration status very negatively. Thus, hopefully a criminal attorney can completely get rid of the matter. If not, then you need an immigration attorney to advise you on what type of plea he can accept without having a negative impact on his immigration status.

  3. Your son needs to hire an attorney asp.

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  4. You need an attorney now to protect your son's Rights. I don't care who you retain on this matter, but you and your son should not speak to any authority figure without your attorney present. If you don't have an attorney, you need to get one immediately. Don't wait for the court date because it may be too late.

    Many respectable attorneys will provide a free consultation. My suggestion is meet with at least one attorney immediately to discuss the matter with them.

    BTW -- Juvenile law is different. Being 14 may be helpful in this matter.

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