Just wondering if I can sue the landlord and property management company too for my injuries from my fall down my front steps?

Asked about 2 years ago - Syracuse, NY

I fell down my outside stairs and I sprained my ankle very bad from the fall and may have torn ligaments in my ankle and foot,I have now been pulled out of work because of this injury and the property management company has been notified several different times that the railing was broke and the stairs are in poor condition and still haven't fixed them. Just wondered if I can sue the landlord and property management company too.

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    Answered . The property owner/manager may very well be responsible to answer in damages for your injuries under the circumstances you set forth. Your should contact a local personal injury attorney without delay.

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    Answered . Absolutely. Contact a local personal injury attorney

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    Answered . The short answer is YES. I suggest you take photos of the defective railing, & the front of the bldg, as well as some close up photos of the specific defects if possible.
    Then, call the managing agent & get the insurance info for medical payments coverage to pay your medical bills.
    Get medical treatment immediately, including x-ray.
    Then, get an MRI to see if there is more than a bad sprain. If there are torn ligaments, or a fracture, etc., you can contact me to represent you.

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    Answered . Property owners (including landlords) are under the duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition. The fact that you have notified your landlord that the railing was broken and the stairs were in a poor condition really put the landlord on notice of the defect and clearly something should have been done sooner. Potentially both the landlord and the property management company could be responsible for your injuries. If suit is filed, both would need to be named as parties to the case. My law office is in Syracuse if you wish to discuss this further. www.defranciscolaw.com or 315-479-9000

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    Answered . Yes, as it sounds like the steps and railing were negligently maintained. Retain a local personal injury lawyer.

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    Answered . Yes you can bring a claim. Under NY law the property must be maintained free and clear of dangerous or hazardous conditions. If the property owner or management committee knew, or should have know of the problem there was a duty to fix it. Our office handles personal injury cased in western and central NY and can help you fight for the damages to which you are entitled. Please contact me for a free consultation to talk about how we can help you.

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    Answered . One of the many reasons to retain an experienced personal injury attorney after an accident is that the seasoned attorney will give notice to multiple potentially responsible parties in order to be certain that anyone who may have contributed to the hazard that caused the injury is brought to account.

    It is not uncommon to bring in an owner of premises as well as a property management company and sometimes a third party contractor, depending on the facts. That's why you need your own attorney to investigate the circumstances of your case and to proceed accordingly.

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    Answered . You need to retain and attorney and ask if there is MEDICAL PAY or MED PAY, in addition to liability coverage which may pay medical bills irrespective of fault if the injury occurred on the landlord's property

    Good Luck

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    Answered . Possibly. Contact a personal injury attorney in your state.


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