Just went over patients rights on FDOH website, if rights are violated, what happens, does anyone care?

Asked about 2 years ago - Miami, FL

According to the patient's rights, my health care received over the past year and a half has violated my rights multiple times for multiple rights. As a result of repeated misdiagnosis that I believe ignoring my questions, ignoring me contributed to, I am worse than ever but not cringe worthy enough for a jury for medical malpractice. What is the good of filing a complaint? doctor's violate patient's rights all the time, it doesn't seem liike they are ever reprimanded for this. And it only seems like Dr's lose their license over sxual misconduct or prescription problems

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    Answered . DOH will investigate the complaint. The ramifications for adverse findings can be serious for the health care provider, including loss of license.

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    Answered . File a grievance with the Florida Department of Health. Since you have limited damages, that is your only practical recourse.

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    Answered . There are emerging theories for civil damages, depending upon the rights violated.
    One theory is the tort of outrage, where you must demonstrate emotional distress as the result of the outrageous behavior of your doctor. These types of cases are usually unattractive to lawyers unless you can show objective psychic injury as the result of the bad conduct.

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