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Just received a disorderly conduct PACC 5503 b 4 and need some advice.

Philadelphia, PA |

Hello today I was arrested and charged with 5503 b 4 at amtrak station. It all began when I attempted to board a train home, leaving in 2 mins. As I attempted to go down to the gate, the conductor told me I needed a ticket. I had boarded the train before and bought a ticket and after looking at Amtrak's website, they mentioned "On most Amtrak trains, only the full, undiscounted, unrestricted fare will be available for purchase on board the train." In order to comply, I went and bought a ticket. I however went to buy a ticket, and bought instead a ticket for the later train, without realizing it. When I went back the conductor noticed it and said that i could not board the train. I told him their wasn't much time to make the change and needed to catch the train. He said it was not possible.

I began asking why I could not, and this was when he signaled for the police and train station manger. The manager then took my ticket and showed me that the train I was attempting to board was sold out in coach but I could update the ticket for an additional 5 dollars. I did not have the difference in my electronic account and could not make this purchase. I then began to argue, but not with any foul language, and my voiced only slightly raised for one sentence. 5 officers at one point grab and start twisting my wrists, after I voluntarily begin to leave the premises.They have this entire interaction on camera, and I am confident my behavior was not reckless.

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  1. I do not see any criminal conduct. Ask for a hearing and fight the case.

  2. I fail to see what the basis for the charge is. When you receive the citation, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney who can review the citation and your version of the events to help you decide if fighting the citation is worthwhile. There is a 10 day time limit to enter your plea of not guilty, so do not delay. Good luck!

  3. you need a lawyer to go over the facts, get the tape and prepare a defense. If you have no prior criminal record, you may be able to get out of this.

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