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Just came from child support court. I am self employed. Judge asked for tax returns, schedule c and calendar of visits.

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He said the county would give us a calendar. I know he wants an actual account of time spent with child. Is there a form or am i supposed to come up with one. I dont have a clue who county is or how to obtain doc. I went to family law facilitator and they couldn't help, said there was no form they could give me. No minute order, by the way. Not yet.

Expense declaration asked for schedule c of last year. That wasn't enough. What docs do I need to submit?
Do I collect and take them to the court to file or bring with me to court at time of hearing?
Can I just file, if so, or MUST I mail everyone a copy?

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The County would be someone one of the lawyers form the Department of Child Support services. The reason the court wants to know how much time you spend with the child is because the more time you spend the lower your support will be because you are supporting the child during that time. This is important so make sure you figure out the actual amount of time you spend with your child. Be honest. You can make a spread sheet to take with you if you need to, or you can just write down your time share.
You need to bring a profit and loss statement for the prior 12 months. This should be helpful. It may be more complicated than that depending on what you do, and how your business works. Good Luck


It should be very obvious to you that you need a lawyer. Trying to DIY on this could end up costing you much more than you think you are saving.

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Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Right now , this is all I can afford. All I have is time. No money. I hold a monthly drawing each month to determine which bill will get paid. Until I find someone willing to sponsor a lawer, this will have to work for me. I had to go to a food bank for diapers last month. Yes, it is obvious I need one. Yes if I could I would. Visitation alone has taken up my savings , I am $70 from saving enough to afford co parenting classes court ordered JUST so that the NCP and I can communicate for our child sake. This AFTER completing the FREE co parenting class alone. I welcome any advice I can get for free here. This is all i have. Legal clinic has its limits too. Thanks for the suggestion Ms. Raddatz.


You can document the time you spend with your child by declaration.

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