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Juniveles in a fight, would the one who didn't start it, be liable for any medical bills in the state of wisconsin

Florence, WI |

fighting on a ski hill which resulted is a kick in the head with a ski boot, required 4 stitches.

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More facts are needed to advise you but typically the at fault party is liable for the incident. That being said, fault is usually difficult to determine in fights such as the one you describe.

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Under general principles of negligence, everyone has a duty to act reasonably and prudently under the circumstances. Sounds like both parties breached that duty, in which case the party seeking damages will have his award reduced by his portion of fault under principles of comparative negligence.

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Tough case. Check with a local injury lawyer and see if it is worth pursuing.

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Perhaps. Call one of the lawyers who answered above to discuss in detail.

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