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Judgement against me, lawyer wants list of assets.

Overland Park, KS |

I filed my answer to a summons last year in KS stating I was liable for the credit card debt. I am married but dont work. I dont even have a bank account. The debt collector's lawyer wants me to provide a list of my assets (they have been sending garnishment letters to a couple banks in KS hoping I have an acct). Should I send them the list (no bank acct, no job, and we have two cars)?

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In most states, when a creditor obtains a court judgment against you, you are required to answer questions honestly under oath about your assets. No such thing as a "right to remain silent" in a civil court proceeding!

Every state has property that is exempt from being taken by creditors, called (no surprise) "exemptions." I am posting a link to the exemptions for each state which you may wish to review to assure yourself whether the property you own will be subject to being seized by this creditor.

Hope this perspective helps!

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Yes, the judgment-creditor is entitled to know what assets you have to determine if you have anything that can help satisfy the judgment.

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If its an informal request I would not provide the information. If the court ordered in then yes you need to provide. It would be best to settle and work out a payment plan without giving such information. In Pa. the creditor can send the sheriff out to take an inventory of household goods and schedule a sale. The cars can be subject to attachment and sale. All states are different and have things exempt from attachment. Work out a payment plan or consider a chapter 7 for your various debts

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