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I went to court yesterday and the judge stated that he was going to vacate the order for expedited child support but said i needed to serve a copy of a certain form to the other parent(not sure what form it is) do you know what form i would need to fill out? also he stated that the petitioner needs to re file ALL her paperwork because at the time she filed she listed my son on there who is now 18, so he stated she needed to re file paperwork does that mean i am going to have to re file all forms that i was orignially served with(expedited child support request, establish parentage relationship)? those were the ones that she originially filed and we didnt even get into custody yesterday. also am i going to have to pay all over again to file last time i paid 430.00

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  1. Hillary Johns

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    Answered . Ok, you've got several questions here. You also mixed your pronouns from "I" to "she". Are both of these referring to you?

    1) I wasn't present in court with you and haven't reviewed a transcript so I don't know what form you're referring to. It could be an I&E or a reissued OSC (those are just guesses) or another form. Was is something in regards to establishing paternity?

    2) All her paperwork: that's either in regards to your motion or the case. If paternity was established and the judge just vacated the child support order then it sounds like paternity is established? I don't know that fact since you haven't stated it here.

    3) To answer your question: if you've already paid your filing fee for first appearance fee, you don't have to pay it twice (that's the $395.00). You may have to pay another filing fee.

    Have you considered hiring a lawyer to (1) handle the case for you; or (2) review your paperwork to make sure that it's done right? There are lawyers who will review your paperwork for a reasonable fee. It might be a good idea to call one of them.

  2. Rebekah Ryan Main


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    Answered . Have you considered going to local Child Support Services for help?


    Best of luck to you.

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  3. Maryam Atighechi

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    Answered . You need to serve all documents to the other side. You shouldn't have to re-pay the costs. You can file an amended petition but it sounds like the problem was just serving it. I would need to see the documents and speak with you about the case to really know what paperwork you are referring to.

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