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Joint or sole conservatorship?

Houston, TX |

My nephew came to live with us last year because my sister was having a hard time. When it was time for him to go back the situation was only worse and he is far better off in my care. My sister agrees and is willing to sign over custody so that I can put him on my insurance and take better care of him. As far as I can see it is until he graduates in 4 years. But I dont want to strip her of all her rights and if the situation were to improve substantially I would feel comfortable with sending him back. My question is this: do I need to file for sole or joint conservatorship? If I file for sole how might that backfire later if at all?

Also there is social security benefits he recieves because his father passed. She was using them to support him but now he is with us we'd like to get that and put it away for his college in 4 years. From what I can gather only sole conservatorship might give me the right to have the benefits sent to us instead of her which she is using on herself now.

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There a lot of possibilities and I think you should really consult with a lawyer. You can get some general information here, but the specifics of what is right for you can only be answered after an attorney knows the complete picture, and unfortunately, this forum does not allow that kind of time and space. It can be done, but just do it right.

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