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Jail time for misdemeanor child endangerment?

Hawthorne, CA |

I will be arraigned tomorrow for a misdemeanor child endangerment charge and am wondering is it highly possible I will be detained and sent to jail at my arraignment.

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  1. You do not include the facts necessary to answer this question, i.e., what were the circumstances that caused you to charged?

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  2. I would say it is highly unlikely that you will be taken into custody as this is a first offense, but as the prior attorney stated, it does depend on the facts of the case. Please retain an attorney to help you with your case in order to ensure that you handle it properly, especially given that there are dependency proceedings pending.

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  3. Yes it is possible, but due to it being a misdemeanor it probably will not happen and your chances greatly increase to it not happening if you use an attorney. I assume you will be either in the Inglewood or Torrance court and I regularly appear in both courts on Family Law and Criminal Law matters.

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