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Iud caused my etopic pregency my tube busted and had to have emergency surgery. Don't know if I have a case. Thanks

Buffalo, WV |

Iud implanted sept 2007 etopic pregency may 2012 Not quite 5 yrs my tubes have scar tissue and was told if I got pregnant I wouldn't be able to carry

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  1. Look on line for lawyers handling these cases.

  2. Google for attorneys that handle these cases.

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  3. A tiny handful of lawyers handle these cases, so best bet is to look for them on Google.

  4. Call the local bar association or ATLA for a lawyer that handles this kind of case in your area.

    This information does not constitute am attorney / client relationship and is just a general answer to the question posed with the limited facts available. There is no substitute to a consultation with an attorney licensed in your State.

  5. Internet search for lawyer handling these claims. Good luck. Do you know which iud you have?

  6. I am not licensed in your state and can provide you on,y general advice but it doesn't appear that anyone has given you any substantive advice. An ectopic pregnancy is a risk of an IUD. If you had signs or symptoms that were not diagnosed you may have a claim but otherwise it is unlikely that simply experiencing an ectopic is actionable.