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Its been 3 years since my dui. what to do now?

Castro Valley, CA |

i recieved my dui about 3 years ago. i was issued a no bail warrent for not signing up for my community service and served 2 days for that in which the judge gave me time served. other than that i havent taken care of anything. i havent taken my dui classes or payed any of the court fees. i also have a few unpaid tickets. i have no prior record and i need my license back so i can get my life together. i have no job and no source of income and is considered homeless. what do i do??? where do i start??

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Until you get back to court, your license will likely be on hold with the DMV. You can check this by contacting the court either by phone or online. Based on the facts you have stated, there is probably also a warrant that has been issued for your arrest for violating your probation. If you are indigent, you should go to court and request a public defender represent you. Once the criminal case has been resolved, you can contact the DMV to see what steps they will require to get your license back. You may have to complete the alcohol program, file an SR-22 and pay a re-issuance fee.

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I agree with Mr. Knox. You probably have a warrant and a hold on your license. You need to go back to court and request a public defender. Call the court clerk first and ask about the status of your case. Then you will need to go to court, add your self on calendar and ask for a public defender. Once the court issues are resolved they will send an abstract to the DMV to release the hold on oyur license. But you will need to take care of the DUI and the traffic tickets. Ask for community service in lieu of fines to defer some of the costs.

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First, you do not get off probation until you complete all Court ordered programs. First, you need to go back to Court and ask that your fine be converted to work at $10 per hour so you can get that cleared up; you cannot get your license back until that is done. Second, you can get back into the DUI school by going to the DMV and getting a driver print out of your driving record on an H-6 form, and again you cannot get a license back until you complete this course. Third, you should go back to Court with a lawyer to get any warrants cleared up.

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