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It was a stormy nite tonight. Needed to run into store for milk and pick up my elder neighbor who called me from supermarket..

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parked in handicapped spot , I was l0 min and there were 5 spots open. Came out to a $250 ticket. I cannot afford this. I realize I shld not have but did. If I plea guilty with explanation and go to court is their a possibility the fee would be lowered?

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Depends on the court but realistically, the Courts take these very seriously.

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Depends on the court but some courts might be willing to cut the fine if you contest it and are given an opportunity to be heard and/or negotiate with a prosecutor.


It may be possible but I doubt it.


Possible, yes, but not likely. There may also be an additional cost to go to court, so check with your local court, or you might end up paying even more than the $250.


NO!!!!!!!! DO NOT PLEAD "GUILTY WITH AN EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!" Plead "NOT GUILTY," then on the court night discuss this with the TOWN PROSECUTOR. Tell him your story and explain that you would be willing to plead guilty to a lesser offense such as an overtime parking ticket for less of a fine. If he agrees you take the deal. If he disagrees then just tell him you are "ready for trial." They will then have to set another date for trial and call in the cop or meter maid to testify, which is highly unlikely. If the meter maid / cop does not come in for trial they have to dismiss the ticket; if he or she does no big deal worse case scenario you are found guilty after trial and have to pay the full $250 as if you plead guilty to begin with - but at least you make them work for it! However, if you take my free advice the likely outcome will be a plea to a reduced fine, which is what you want. Good luck!

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