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It's been a month since accident, and wanted to know if there are any law firms with their own Dr offices to ExpediteTheProcess

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I was at a red light waiting behind a couple cars waiting to the light to turn green. Light turns green and cars start making making their way in succession , just as my car was about to go ( still hadn't moved ) I was struck by a cop car with 3 cops in the vehicle. my insurance company handled the collision part of the case I didn't even have to pay for the deductible. I'm a Vet went to the VA hospital about 36 hrs or so because Back Started to hurt. I called the insurance company and they told me they would also file an injury claim as well. I called a local lawyer and they told me before they would take the case I would have to get an MRI first. and that I only had 90days to file intent to claim. The Va Hospital is taking forever to get me an appointment with Neurology for the MRI.

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  1. Attorneys do not have their own doctors offices. You should consult with some other local personal injury attorneys to discuss the case and determine what appropriate steps are needed based on the facts. AVVO has a wonderful "Find a Lawyer" feature to assist you. Most PI attorneys offer free consultati

  2. Unfortunately, this forum doesn't really function as a jobs bulletin board, so you may not get much in the way of a response to your post. What you really need to do is immediately consult with personal injury attorneys to find one to assist you in pursuing your claim. Personal injury attorneys typically handle cases on a contingency fee basis and give free consultations. Use the Find a Lawyer tab on Avvo to find one in your area. Best of luck to you...

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  3. Since you were hit from behind, liability on the part of those that hit you is an almost certainty. I am assuming the 90 day notice you mention is the notice you must give a "government agency" that they may be sued. If the requirements are the same as in Pennsylvania this is simply a letter that identifies who you are, the date of the incident, the place, who was involved and perhaps where you received treatment and who you have seen. You do not need to have all your treatment done to send such a letter. If the lawyers you are seeing "require" an "MRI first" maybe you should see someone else. What happens if the VA doctor does not think you need an MRI. You do not need an MRI to make a claim--you need to show someone was careless and that you suffered an injury. Perhaps in NY your ability to file a claim is based on how serious the injury may be but regardless you need someone now to protect your interests. That starts with putting the government agency on notice of what happened and that "maybe" a claim will be filed with the court. Talk to other lawyers. There are a number of NYC lawyers who routinely answer questions on this site that based on their responses would be an excellent choice for you or just use the AVVO find a lawyer feature on this site.

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  4. File the Notice of Claim within 90 days of the accident. Then, seek medical help from an independent physician to determine the seriousness of your injury.

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  5. Research doctors, and pick the one to whom you feel the most comfortable.

  6. First, it should not be necessary for you to undergo an MRI before an attorney accepts your case despite NY's requirement that you have sustained a "serious injury" under the law. The attorney should be more concerned with getting you to a doctor who can help you get well and if your symptoms appear significant enough to warrant bringing a claim, based upon the attorney's experience. Most personal injury attorney's have dealt with enough doctors and other medical care provider's to at least be able to recommend a number of doctors to you to help find one that can help. Attorney's cannot have doctor's in their office. That would created a number of ethical issues and would also cause great skepticism on the part of the insurance company.

  7. Law firms do not have their own doctor's offices. You should push your family doctor to get an MRI. Find out if insurance will pay for an MRI at a non-VA facility which will be much faster. If you cannot get the MRI soon, you should ask your attorney to file the intent to claim so you do not lose your claim. If your attorney is not willing to do that for you, you can always look for another attorney who will file for you.

  8. It is not ethical for an attorney to have their own doctor offices. I believe you mean if an attorney knows doctors to refer clients to for treatment. Some law offices will refer clients to specific doctors. It may be better to locate your own doctor for treatment so you are provided the treatment you need and the treatment is perceived to be more credible by the insurance company.

    You may contact the Law Office of Robin J. Gray for further legal advice. Office (610) 689-0877; Fax (610) 689-0932; Cell (484) 769-5855; This answer is for informational purposes only. It does not establish an attorney client relationship.

  9. I suggest that you contact an experienced personal injury attorney so that they can evaluate your case and help you file the No Fault applications and the Notice of Claim as well as assist you in obtaining the medical care you need. Most personal injury attorneys will provide a free consultation.

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