It's been 203 days that i filed N336 and i've recieved nothing.what should i do?

Asked about 2 years ago - Shirley, NY

after 203 days and recieving nothing what should i do?

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    Answered . The N336 is an appeal, so if you have filed this form it means your N400 has already been denied. Please be advised that a delay like this, especially after a denial on your N400 will need to be addressed by a competent immigration attorney who is a member of AILA and who has experience with naturalization appeals. Note that your attorney once he discusses it with you and determines this is the best route can address the delay, if necessary, through a federal court action via a mandamus petition under the APA, 28 USC 1331, 28 USC 1361. Once a decision is rendered on the N336 your attorney can also pursue federal court action pursuant to the INA section 310(c), 8 USC 1421(c). The decision to pursue either federal court action or filing another N400 is one which is beyond the scope of a short general response like this one, but must be discussed with competent counsel.

    No attorney-client relationship is created or implied by this communication in any way. Consult a competent... more
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    Answered . Could you please only post your question once? I think you have asked this about 4-5 times in a matter of minutes. There is no guarantee you will be approved just because you requested a hearing on a denial, so there is no way to answer when your ceremony will be as you cannot be guaranteed an approval and without that you will not have a ceremony.

    The answer is the same as the first answer I provided you, you are supposed to have an interview/hearing scheduled within 180 days, if it has not happened there could just be some sort of delay for whatever reason or something else may be happening. The only way to find out is to contact USCIS customer service (1-800-375-5283) or hire an attorney to help you if you feel you may have problems in your case. If you did not do this with an attorney's help, then it might be in your interest in go to one now since you must have had a denial in an underlying N-400 (and that would be enough for me to recommend hiring an attorney to help before doing anything else).

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