Issue regarding the beneficiary of my fathers life insurance policy.

Asked about 3 years ago - Houston, TX

Last week my mother was called regarding a life insurance policy that my dad took out in 1976 listing my now deceased grandmother as the beneficiary. He paid on the policy until my parents married in 1984 (my brother and I were born in 1984&86). Now the insurance company will only speak with the heirs of my grandmothers estate. That leaves it to my two uncles (who both want my brother and I to have the money) and to my aunt, whole of which we no longer speak too. The issue is now that she wants to divide the money amongst the siblings or myself, brother and cousin. I would like to contest it and want to know if my brother and I have any right to the money as we are his only children and my parents divorced in 1995. Thank you.

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    Answered . Quick answer. Probably not. Life insurance companies pay to the beneficiary designated on the policy unless there is some statutory provision to the contrary. (The statutory exceptions usually relate to disqualifying spouses as benficiaries in a divorce situation and these are rare.) If a designated beneficiary is deceased then the benefits go to the benficiaries heirs. Which in your case appears to be two Uncles and an Aunt.

    Since it would appear the benfits go to your Uncles and Aunt, I'd accept whatever they may offer. However, I would also recommend before doing this you consult with a probate lawyer in your area. Good luck.

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    Answered . As you state, the heirs are the anunt and uncle, and these are the only parties to be paid. Whenever anyone has a delayed or a denied life insurance claim, they should retain a life insurance lawyer by googling "life insurance lawyer" did it for you....

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    Answered . The lawyer above provides a great link.

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