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Is VASAP obligated to issue a written document confirming that a participant has completed their required programs?

Virginia Beach, VA |

A relative of mine urgently needs such a document in order to begin applying for work and having his license fully reinstated. He has completed the program and is months past the end of his sentence, but getting confirmation of his completion is worse that pulling teeth (pardon the pun, but desperately seeking relief from pain for an entire lower jaw abcess is what got him here to start with--otherwise, no personal injury and no property damage). While there is no excuse for my relative's bad choice, I believe this program, VASAP, is the most disorganized, irresponsible demonstration of any sort of a "treatment" effort I can imagine. No one seems to be accountable, and no one seems to care. How does one challenge this organization without causing further problems for a participant?

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What city did your relative go through VASAP?

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The court case was in Norfolk. The VASAP office is in Virginia Beach.

Stephen Patrick Pfeiffer

Stephen Patrick Pfeiffer


Please feel free to have him contact me with regard to working out this problem.


With VASAP you get more with honey then with motor oil..yes if he has completed the program, VASAP should have notified DMV. Check with DMV to see if that's been received, if not perhaps someone there could help move things along for you or advise you who may be albe to help. Remember that he must also file the FR1000 liability insurance and pay the DMV reinstatment fee.

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