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Is this theft of services?

Lockport, IL |

We own a moving company and a customer hired us to complete a move. We had our crew move the customer. The customer in the end even tipped the workers. We accepted a check from the customer, deposited it and a week later found out that the customer stop-payed the check saying that they were not satisfied with the services. Everything was moved, the customer tipped the movers and never called to request a refund or complain that they were not satisfied. This is the first time this has ever happened and we have great reviews overall. Can the customer deliberately stop-paying on a check that they used to pay for services be theft of service?

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  1. Yes report the criminal conduct to the police

    And, you may have civil remedies under the signed contract you have.

  2. Yes! You can file a police report. If the State elects to bring charges stay in touch with the State's Attorneys Office that is prosecuting the case so that they can make payment of restitution a part of any negotiation or sentence. Your other option is to file suit, but of course this costs you time and money.

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  3. Keep your bank records and contact your local police department.

  4. Yes, it is as the services were solicited, rendered and used. Make a police report, provide the records and demand a restitution as a part of the case disposition once it gets to that stage.

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