Is this right? My pi atty took $1K from $4K insurance co check intended to pay my outstanding medical expenses pre-settlement.

Asked over 2 years ago - Gary, IN

I was injured in auto accident. I hired pi atty and signed contingency fee K. The K says the fee will be paid when recovery is made. The K also says I grant the power to the atty to deposit checks into a trust acct and to pay all hospital and medical liens from my share of the recovery. I thought the check was to go to my doctor and that atty would be paid later when the case was settled.

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  1. Jeffrey Allan Flores

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    Answered . There is no way to precisely answer the question without mnore specifics. But here are the options: A] These funds could be Medical Payments coverage from your own Insurance company. However, those are usually paid direct to the provider, and the attorney is not entitled to a fee. B] It is a settlement check. If so, the Insurance company will have asked you to sign a release prior to cashing the check. You should have a copy of it. The attorney is entitled to a fee. C] The funds are advance payment of medical bills from the defendant's insurance company. If so, they are usually paid direct to the provider, and the attorney is not entitled to a fee.

  2. Slavik Steve Leydiker

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    Answered . You better speak with your attorney about this because this may very well be the settlement. Your attorney has a duty to extend to you all settlement offers. You're attorney cannot agree to a settlement without your okay. An insurance company generally does not pay pre-settlement medical expenses unless it's your own insurer, in which case they would want you to pay them back out of settlement money. I suggest you have a heart-to-heart with your attorney about what's going on.

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  3. Burton A. Padove


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    Answered . it is impossible to interpret what is happening without seeing the agreement and knowing what checks you are referring to and whether a settlement has been made. You should talk with the attorney directly about your questions.

  4. Joyce J. Sweinberg


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    Answered . I agree with my colleague that you should clarify this with your attorney so you understand exactly what is going on.

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