Is this really a supervised visit or no?

Plaintiff will schedule 3 consecutive days per month. Unless otherwise advised, the default 3 days visit shall take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of every second weekend of each month. Plaintiff will advice defendand one week in advance...For each of these 3 days, Plaintiff may visit the child for up to 8 hours per day. Defendant may decide whether the visit will take place at..If Defendant chose her home, she may not interfere with Plaintiff's time with the child or deny access to anyone Plaintiff chooses to bring with him,provided that person does not pose any health risk to the minor. A supervisor maybe present in the house; however the supervisor may not interfere with plaintiff's time with the child. Starting July 2012 these visits will take place where Plaintiff is staying.

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Daniel A. Bachert

Daniel A. Bachert

Family Law Attorney - West Palm Beach, FL

It would appear that it is supervised by either Defendant or another supervisor until July 2012 where it would appear that the language is silent with regard to a supervisor when visits are to occur where "Plaintiff is staying."


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Gisela Then Laurent

Gisela Then Laurent

Family Law Attorney - Orlando, FL

In reviewing the excerpt provided, it appears the Court has awarded supervised visitation. The Defendant has the ultimate decision as to where the visit will take place but she can not interfere. The excerpt provided has no language indicating that you can be alone with the minor child during your 8 hour visit.

Robert Jason De Groot

Robert Jason De Groot

Family Law Attorney - Deltona, FL

It appears to be supervised until July 2012. But it does not say that visitation starting then should be supervised or not.

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