Is this libel or forgery? Should I see an attorney or the district attorney?

Asked over 1 year ago - Princeton, WV

An individual wrote a derogatory statement about me and then claimed it was written by 2 other people and then signed their names to it. This person later admitted that she wrote it herself. The statement was given to my boss who questioned the validity of the statement and asked the person to go back and have the other 2 people to actually sign the statement themselves. She never furnished the actual signatures. My boss goes ahead and accepts the original statement and uses it as evidence to fire me. During the grievance process it was brought to light that the statement was false. I got my job back but suffered great consequences. What legal action can be taken against my boss and the accuser on grounds of libel and forgery? I'm a federal employee & my boss continually targets me.

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    Answered . Jeffrey laid it out well

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    Answered . Unfortunately, you likely have no legal standing to pursue a claim of "forgery". In any event, your boss apparently became aware that the two people did not actually sign the document, so forgery is not really an issue as to what happened to you. It also sounds as if you were a member of a union for federal employees, and/or your agency had a grievance process in place, which resulted in you getting your job back and presumably any "back pay" for the time you may have been out of work, before returning. As such, and setting aside the unfortunate aggravation you experienced, there may be no monetary damages that you suffered, upon which to base a lawsuit. You are in a rock and a hard place because nothing said indicates an illegal discriminatory basis for your being "targeted". Is there a way for you to transfer to a different department, agency, etc. to get out from underneath your present situation - if so, give it some consideration.

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