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Is this legal?

Winsted, CT |

I am five and a half months pregnant. I work at a gas station. My boss told me that I will only have two weeks unpaid leave when my baby is born. She said if I am off the schedule for more than two weeks I will lose my job.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I agree with attorney Porier. Assuming your employer has at least 3 employees you are covered by the CT Fair Employment Practices Act. The Act requires a covered employer to provide a reasonable period of unpaid leave during any period of disability related to a pregnancy. Two weeks of leave would normally be considered unreasonable as most women require at least 6 weeks to recover from childbirth, provided there are no complications. If you are disabled prior to giving birth, that period would also be covered. Therefore, it appears your employer's position would violate the law if it employs 3 or more employees.

    You should contact an attorney.

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  2. Your employer does not have to pay you for time lost due to your pregnancy, but you can use sick time. Contact an attorney to discuss this issue.

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