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Is this due process or obstruction of justice?

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What if someone files a complaint about you-saying that you are a victim of a crime. Does the police have to tell you that someone said they witnessed a crime against you and reported it to them?Do they have to let you know this. For example, if you left your purse out in the open, someone came and took your credit cards or money. A person walking by saw the crime and reported it to the police along with your description and name. What does the police have to do in this type of situation? Do they wait for you to come forth or are they supposed to go and tell it to the victim? What if the victim comes forth and reports the same thing later. The police looks up the name and discover that a witness filed a complaint about the same incident. Does the police have a duty to tell the victim?

If the victim never comes forth, does this mean that the crime did not happen?Let's say the police catch the person who committed the offense and proved he did it based of witness statements. Can the police press charges if the victim is not aware of it?In this case, do they have to contact the victim to let the person know that a crime was committed against them and have information about prosecution.What happens in a case where the victim is unconscious and not able to identify the person whose actions(ex. hit them) caused them to fall into unconsciousness? If there were witnesses to it and they do not come forth and say that a crime was committed, are the witnesses obstructing justice or violating the law?

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