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Is this considered theft by deception?

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I rented furniture from a rental company and am currently 1 month past due on my bill. Can they charge me with theft by deception? If I am currently going through bankruptcy proceedings do I have to return the property

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If you continue to possess the property and fail to return it, it will likely be considered theft by conversion. If the company comes and tries to repossess the furniture and you fail to return it, or sell said property you open yourself for liability to a theft by conversion charge

Elmer H. Young III

Elmer H. Young III


Your best source of advise is your bankruptcy atty. This property is or ddhoumdtake be included in your schedules with correct stakeholders listed along with a statement of your intentions regarding this property.


If you filed bankruptcy AFTER you had the rental property in your possession, you should ahve disclosed the "executory contract" in the bankruptcy papers. If you got the furniture after you filed bankruptcy, then its not in the bankruptcy case.

Pay it up, and there is no crime. If you don't pay it, and they will threaten to have you arrested if you don't pay, but they want to frighten you into paying. If they come to get the furniture, let them take it. If you don't, then THAT might be theft by conversion. OR, if you move the furniture to some unknown place, that WOULD be theft by conversion.

Pay up, there's no problem. Let them take it back, no problem. Do anything else, and problems could arise.

Good luck.

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In order to be criminally responsible it must be proven that you had the requisite criminal intent to commit the crime. This is really a contract dispute. If you are unable to pay the bill you should at least make arrangements to return the furniture if you have not done so already.

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