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Is this considered some sort of discrimination?

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My newly appointed office manager has said some things lately in front of co-workers which makes me think she is using the fact that she knows what I make against me-such as loudly announcing that she thinks I should check into low incoming housing (didn't know I needed to) then coming into the lunchroom and in front of all my fellow co-workers telling me I should go on this website where you can pick up free furniture that people are throwing away and so on? We had an office meeting the other day and I mentioned that I had gone away for the weekend and she asked how I could afford that and if I had a gift certificate to the hotel? This woman is supposed to be the office manager and professional and this just doesn't seem right to me and it's hurtful and embarrassing.

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Employers may not discriminate based on race, gender, religion or national origin. There is no prohibition against discrimination against those with low incomes, so unless you think her comments are really arising out of assumptions she's making about your race, gender, religion, or national origin, it's not discrimination. To prove a discrimination claim, you need fairly clear evidence that what the employer did was because of your race, gender, etc. and not for some other reason. You may want to contact a lawyer to discuss your situation in greater detail.

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You might not have legal claims against your employer, but you might have it against her. If you know why she is treating you like this, that may provide information as to potentially unlawful motive. I would suggest raising the matter with her superiors.

Also, you have a right to privacy. Divulging your pay status may be in violation of that.

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