Is this considered domestic violence?

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During heated arguments, I tell my boyfriend to leave and move out of the house. On two occasions, I slapped him out of frustration. On another occasion I hit him when I found out he was cheating on me. He refuses to leave even when I threaten him, it makes me crazy. He has another place to live and I don't. Is this considered domestic abuse and can he file charges against me?

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    Answered . Acts of domestic violence are extremely broad. Simply disturbing the peace is enough and yes, it has constitutional issues.

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    Answered . Under the facts, as you have described them, he may have a basis for a Domestic Violence Restraining Order. He could instead or also press charges against you for criminal battery. Your facts are vague as to time - i.e. when these acts occurred and what is the current status of your relationship, and why you cannot move out on your own when he refuses to leave.

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    Answered . Three separate domestic violence incidents you described. It is never proper to hit or slap anyone for any purpose. You need anger management or domestic violence classes. If he would call the police you would be arrested. You could get jail time. Fines, 52 week batterer's classes, probation, etc... It would not be a fun experience and it would be with you forever. If he drives you to the point that you want to hit him, why is he your boyfriend?

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