Is this considered an eviction? or a broken lease?

Asked over 3 years ago - Corpus Christi, TX

I let my landlord know a week before the month of december, that I would not have the rent. He was upset and said he did not care and I had time to come up with the money. I had 800 and was missing 200 but he wanted the whole amount. When the 1st came I recieved a letter that asked if I will be able to pay the 1000 amount by the 3rd. if not i had 2 options to move out or got to court. I had 3 days after the 3rd to leave. I let my landlord know I was leaving by the 5th. The day I was moving my things the landlord said I had 2 hours to move out, his brother was moving in my aparment. Now that Im in TX looking for apt I find out I have an eviction and a missed court date. I never recieved a letter nor a sheriff came to evict me. If I knew I would have gone to court. Help!

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  1. Answered . If you run into problems trying to settle this issue, you might contact the Texas Attorney General's Office.

  2. Answered . The lease was broken and you were evicted. By law, the landlord had to go through summary proceedings to evict you. You had a duty to leave a forwarding address. Looks like this did not occur. You will be on the hook for the outstanding balance. Call the landlord, maybe you can negotiate a settlement. Good Luck.

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